​​Botanic Synergy

Thank you for your interest in clinical aromatherapy products that spread the benefits of Mother Nature’s botanical bounty.  Botanic Synergy formulations are all natural & predominantly organic, and are always free of petroleum byproducts, parabens, triclosans, DPG, sulfates, and other hazardous ingredients.  These products are meant to be a balance of quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, sustainability, environmental consciousness, practical application, & affordability.  All packaging is recyclable &/or reusable, utilizing glass, metal, & minimal plastics.  Enhance your quality of life with all the gifts that nature has to offer.  Botanic Synergy LLC is here to assist individuals in the self discovery of scent, our most primal sense.  Pursue your aromatic curiosities.
New from Botanic Synergy
Fresh blends for spring...New hand rolled Incenses that are charcoal free with less smoke, made with all natural resins, gums, and botanicals.  New Essential Oil Synergies with great prices!