​​Botanic Synergy
​​ ​Clinical Aromatherapy
​My name is Kelly Smith, CCA, owner & alchemist of Botanic Synergy LLC.  I handmake bodycare, wellness, cosmetic, and energetic products to spread the art and awareness of aromatherapy.  I also steam distill locally grown, organic botanicals to produce essential oils and Hydrosols.  In 2018, I completed a Level 2 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification with The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy.  ISHA was founded in 2004, and has been on the forefront of accredited Aromatherpy and healing arts educational programs.  Their Clinical Aromatherpy Certification Program is accredited by The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.  I am also an alumni of UNCW, as I received a B.S. in Marine Biology in 2007.  My education gives me a deep understanding of the healing power of essential oils.  Many hours of botany, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, & other life sciences give me a scientific approach to aromatherapy.  I have also gained 7 years of experience in the aromatic industry, as I also managed an apothecary business in the downtown Wilmington area, called Down To Earth.  I made products to stock the store with the owners recipes, and created hundreds of custom formulations for individuals & businesses.  You might recognize some of my perfumery creations around the Wilmington area, like Valkyry, Coffee & Cigarettes, & Call Me, among others.  My previous experience, along with my continued education, have inspired all the creations that I offer through Botanic Synergy LLC.  Not only do I provide ready made aromatherapy products at farmers markets & pop up events through out the southeast, I also create custom formulations for individuals and businesses.  Please consider aromatherapy to promote your physical, emotional, spiritual, & energetic healing & wellness needs.  Feel free to contact me for custom blending inquiries. 
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Offering cash money per pound of aromatic plant material!!! Botanic Synergy is searching for the best plants to make essential oils and hydrosols that showcase all the healing flora we have right here in the USA.  Tens of pounds of plant material are necessary to produce essential oils through steam distillation.  Oils of true therapeutic quality, come from plants that are grown organically. If you are a gardener or farmer who offers, or can grow, bulk organic aromatic plants (rosemary, mint,verbena, rose, jasmine, etc.), please contact me at [email protected] .  I am interested in commisioning farmers to grow plants, and in buying bulk plant material that is already available.  My intent with these essential oils is to have them tested batch to batch.  As a clinical aromatherapist, I am attempting to showcase what the southeastern USA has to offer, and to promote local sustainability in the art of aromatherapy.  

​​​Policies & Disclaimer
Although these products are intended for therapeutic use, they are not approved by the FDA to be utilized in place of pharmaceutical medications.  Consult a physician before use if you have health concerns, are pregnant, epileptic, or for possible pharmaceutical contraindications or allergies with these products.  Please, do not ingest & keep out of reach of children.  Botanic Synery LLC cannot be held liable for accidents or adverse reactions resulting from the improper use of these products. 
​I have always believed that the customer is always right.  Feedback on all products and customer experiences are welcomed.  There are no returns on purchased items, unless there was an error in part of the business.  Expect up to 3 days for order processing before shipment.  Inquire for wholesale information & custom formulation by e-mail.  Thank you for taking the time to support Botanic Synergy!